Graphics, Illustrations &  Animations for Streamers


Yuna (24), from Germany! Feel free to call me "Yu"
I’ve started streaming and doing Art Commissions since 2018.

Mostly streaming Commissions or personal Projects, even games.
Actually i drew Emotes and Badges only in the Beginning, but made my first Animations
in the middle of 2020! I never studied design at a university.
Everything I do, am I doing
because I am really interested in learning new things and
I always tried to learn it all by myself

If you got any questions, feel free to contact me!
Or even join my Discord server!

Programs I am using to fulfill your commissions:
If you got any questions feel free to contact me!


Terms of Service

Before commissioning me, be sure to check out my Terms of Service
and if my Commission queue is open, before you send me a request.

If you are looking for a commission alternative, you should check out the "sale" section.
Payment, Process & Refund

Be sure to check my Prices here, before contacting me.
• Prices are Item based, as long as I don't mention €/h Payment.
Installment: 30% Will be charged upfront, 70% after I have finished the Sketches. PayPal via service payments only.           
• You will receive lined Sketches in a bigger and a smaller variation. Final Images will be in their needed size
• If there will be a difficult color theme, we will work this out first in the Sketches.
• I won't start your commission or ask for Payment without complete information about what you want.
• There will not be extra Discounts additional to existing ones.
• Returning customers will get extra Discounts for their 3rd+Order
• Rush-Commissions will have a fee of +50%, and I always keep the right to decline them.
Personal Use only. No Refunds.

Copyright Permissions

• Every Commission will be for personal and non-commercial use only.
• This means, you will not be able to use my Artworks and Graphics for merchandise or resale.                                   
• If you plan on doing this, please contact me. There will be an extra Payment and Invoice Contract!
Please do not redraw, modify or resell my Art.
• If you want me or someone else to make changes on the Artworks, message me first, there will be an extra permission fee.
• As the original Artist, I retain full and exclusive rights to the original artwork.

resolutions, revisions

• There is a total of three completely revisions. If it takes more than three, I will charge an expense allowance
• You will get shots of in between the commission process. Also, a final Chat Preview.
• Changes can only be done in the sketch stage. Color changes will still be possible.
• You will get your Emotes in 112x112, 56x56, 28x28. The Original 448x448 can be purchased as an Avatar for + 30€/ emote.
• Your Badges will be in 18x18, 36x36, 72x72.


If you don't own any social media accounts - feel free to write me an email!
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